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The best Android app to read your daily horoscope. Love, money, friends... everything that the stars have ready for you!

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Screenshot of the app's menu. Include all signs of the horoscope as options.

Follow your sign

For each sign you can read a daily prediction, the sign profile and also find out which other signs are more compatible with yours.

Screenshot of app's main screen. It include today, profile and compatibility options.

Accurate predictions

The Horoscope App astrological predictions are incredibly accurate. You can rely on them and learn from them, every day, for your love, career and finance and personal fortunes.

Screenshot of the app's today section.

Sign profile

Discover and learn about the common chracteristics of people with the same sign. What are your strenghs and weakness? Which planet is your ruler? Check which celebrities share your same fate!

Screenshot of the app's profile section.

Compatible signs

Every day you'll be able to check what signs are more compatible with yours for the day. Get closer to them!

Screenshot of the app's compatibility section.

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